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john_cazale's Journal

The John Cazale Memorial
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In memory of John Cazale
August 12th, 1935 - March 12th, 1978

This community is going to act as more of a memorial than a community (hence the name). All I ask is that everyone who likes John Cazale and the movies he's been in to simply join the community, make one post filling out the survey (see below), and remain a member. You don't need to post anything besides your first post if you don't want to. Hell, you don't even need to ever come to the community again if you don't want to, but please stay a member. This is more of a tribute to John Cazale than a community, so by joining, you're more contributing to the memorial than you are joining a community. The more members there are, the better of a memorial it is, right? But of course, you can post more after your first post if you want to. Now, here is the survey I would like you to fill out in your first post:

-John Cazale movies you have seen:
-Your favorite John Cazale movie:
-Your favorite John Cazale character:
-Your favorite John Cazale performance:
-Your favorite scene involving John Cazale (please include a spoilers warning if it involves a spoiler, and don't forget to specify which movie you're about to spoil):
-John Cazale movies you own:
-Now, say something nice about the talented Mr. Cazale:

Also be sure to include any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have.

If you don't know much about John Cazale, here is a short biography I wrote about him:

John Cazale was one of the greatest and most under-appreciated character actors of all-time, in my opinion. He starred in only 5 films during his tragically short career spanning only 6 years. Each of those 5 films was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards (3 of which won), and are today widely regarded as 5 of the greatest movies ever made. For those of you who don't know what those five films are, here is his filmography:

1972: The Godfather (as Fredo Corleone)
1974: The Conversation (as Stan)
1974: The Godfather Part II (as Fredo Corleone)
1975: Dog Day Afternoon (as Sal)
1978: The Deer Hunter (as Stan)

He was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe for his work in Dog Day Afternoon.

John Cazale was engaged to actress Meryl Streep, and together they starred in The Deer Hunter. During the shooting of this film, John Cazale was dying of bone cancer, but continued to work on the movie anyway. He died on March 12th, 1978, very soon after the film was complete. He was 42 years old. The Deer Hunter was released in December that year, and went on to win 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Michael Cimino), and Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Walken).

R.I.P. John Cazale- you are missed.

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