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because I miss him like hell

-John Cazale movies you have seen:
All of them.
-Your favorite John Cazale movie:
The Godfather
-Your favorite John Cazale character:
-Your favorite John Cazale performance:
as Fredo in both I and II.
-Your favorite scene involving John Cazale:
**::not really a spoiler but better safe than sorry::**
Can't say I have a favorite. But the exchange with between sal and sonny about the suicide pact is one.
-John Cazale movies you own:
All of them.
-Now, say something nice about the talented Mr. Cazale:
Every time I watch him walk into the bank in Dog Day, I get all misty eyed.

When Meryl was on the Actor's Studio she referred to him as "my dear friend John Cazale", and I always wondered why she said that.
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