K to the D, yo (lekartoonist) wrote in john_cazale,
K to the D, yo


-John Cazale movies you have seen: all five (all excellent)
-Your favorite John Cazale movie:Dog Day Afternoon (fave movie of all time in general)
-Your favorite John Cazale character:Sal (big soft spot for GF Prt. II)
-Your favorite John Cazale performance-Sal definitely, everything he does is fantastic
-Your favorite scene involving John Cazale (please include a spoilers warning if it involves a spoiler, and don't forget to specify which movie you're about to spoil):the best line in any movie I've seen, 'Dog Day Afternoon' when asked which country he wants to go to, he just looks so melancholy and wary and says in an adorable sheepish tone, "Wyoming".

-John Cazale movies you own: GF I,II/ DD Afternoon/ The Conversation
-Now, say something nice about the talented Mr. Cazale: There's absolutely nothing bad that can be said about such an unsung legend.
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