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five for five

-John Cazale movies you have seen: godfather 1,2 ; dog day afternoon
-Your favorite John Cazale movie: godfather 1
-Your favorite John Cazale character: sal (dda sal, not deer hunter sal)
-Your favorite John Cazale performance: fredo
-Your favorite scene involving John Cazale (please include a spoilers warning if it involves a spoiler, and don't forget to specify which movie you're about to spoil): dog day afternoon- talking to sylvia: "your body is the temple of the lord"
-John Cazale movies you own: godfather 1, 2, dog day afternoon, deer hunter
-Now, say something nice about the talented Mr. Cazale:

JOHN CAZALE IS PURE SEX. well no, but he was an extremely talented actor. and we all miss him so.

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